from hops to headies: humulene just may be the key to happiness

from hops to headies: humulene just may be the key to happiness

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did you know the same organic compound (fancy name for "terps") that gives your favorite brew a wonderful, hoppy aroma and flavor is also abundant in a multitude of herbs such as sage, lemon balm, and--dare I even say it--cannabis [1]?

well, it's true! and you have humulene to thank for that complex, astringent flavor your taste buds relish each and every time you reach for another fist full of Girl Scout Cookies.

however, humulene ain't just a one-trick flavor pony.

studies suggest humulene is a boss when it comes to fighting inflammation, and could potentially prove effective in reducing a cancer cell's antioxidant capabilities, which could lead to the death of those cells and reduction in the size of tumors [2]. but humulene isn't done there! this terpene can also act as an antibacterial agent to combat "Bacteroides fragilis, which causes inflammatory bowel disease." [3] and you know what they say, "happy gut, happy butt."

looking to invite a little humulene into your sesh? good news: we've made certain to include organic dried herbs containing this heavy-hittin' terpene in each of our current blends.

hibiscus sunrise (humulene found in sage)

lavender liftoff (humulene found in sage)

green dream (humulene found in lemon balm)

can't decide which blend is best for you? grab one of each to sprinkle on whatever you're already smoking and enjoy a wide range of flavor profiles all abundant in humulene, a.k.a. your new favorite terp.


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