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pinene (so fresh and so clean clean)

pinene terpene is known for anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties

have you ever stopped to think about what gives your favorite strain that sticky icky good good, evergreen-fresh flavor explosion?

i know i have, especially on those 90° summer days spent trekkin' up the side of blue hills, when the pine trees are busy suckin' what moisture they can from the side of the mountain and oozin' thin, gluey strings of sap just waitin' to ruin my favorite corduroys.

tl;dr: it's pinene, and it's freakin' everywhere.

pinene is the most abundant, naturally occurring terpene in the world, found in common organic dried herbs, such as chamomile and sage, and lends the same flavor and aroma to both bud and pine sap.

but what's truly interesting is the larvicidal properties of pinene [1], which is to say that this powerful and delicious terpene has the ability to kill the larvae of malaria, dengue, and Japanese encephalitis mosquito vectors [2]. that's mother nature doing what she does best: kickin' ass with natural balance.

but if the decimation of infectious parasites doesn't get your blood up like it does mine, i apologize. let's move on to how pinene helps humans improve their quality of life.

studies suggest pinene can pack a serious punch when it comes to anti-cancer capabilities, such as aiding in shrinking tumors by killing the mutated cells that cause the cancerous growths [3]. and, as if that weren't enough, studies have shown pinene to significantly reduce allergic irritants in mice, reducing inflammation [5] and their need to rub their noses, eyes, and ears when exposed to allergens [4]. if you ask me, i'd much rather twist up some sticky icky and laugh in the face of hay fever than ever swallow another pharmaceutical allergy med. 

this year i think i'll indulge in pinene, and, when the time comes, put the anxiety associated with a house fire behind me by skipping the overpriced christmas tree in favor of a fat bush of homegrown Blue Dream. gotta make sure to double up on the milk & cookies, though, because santa's about to have a serious case of the munchies.

looking to introduce some pinene into your daily sesh? both lavender liftoff and hibiscus sunrise are a great place to start.

pinene terpene is found in hibiscus sunrise and lavender liftoff organic dried herbal smoking blends by rebis blends



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