Satiate Your Soul | a Poem by Chris Joseph

Satiate Your Soul | a Poem by Chris Joseph

satiate your soul text over a beach scene for a poem about terpenes and herbal blends by chris joseph of rebis blends

I'm a smokable herb without THC
I contain no tobacco, no CBD
But my terpene cocktail will set your mind free

If that's not enough, look to history
I've been smoked for thousands of years you see

Sprinkle me on a bowl, a joint, or your vape
My flavor and fragrance go past good, straight to great!
Haven't tried me yet? It's never too late ;)

So wipe the slate
Clear your plate
Set a date
Release the hate
Open the gate
Call your mate
Just don't be late...

I'm not trying to intimidate, or imitate, I'm simply trying to ingratiate...

A new idea, a concept I'd like to recommend
To those questions in your mind that have no end

It's time to settle your cycle, satiate your soul
It's time to address your body as a whole

So with that said, if that sounds swell
And I believe it does, so what the hell...

Now. If peace is what you never cease to increase before you're deceased
Then allow me to send to this nation on the mend
Some positive vibes, from Rebis Blends.

text over clouds reading positive vibes by rebis blends

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