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what is a terpene (and why should i care?)

if you've ever tasted the floral sweetness of fresh lavender, the earthy and honey-like aroma of chamomile, or smelt the sticky pine scent that fills the air during a mid-summer hike through the woods, you've experienced the sensory pleasure of terpenes.

it's these naturally occurring organic compounds (terpenes!) that lend lavender its sweet, floral aroma and flavor, that bring an astringent sharpness to sage, and that wonderful cooling and clean sensation to peppermint.

but the fun doesn't stop there. terpenes are exceptionally powerful compounds that boast a wide range of user-reported positive effects such as [3] [4]:

and not all terps are limited to appearing in plants. (wut!)

take ants, for example: these tiny little hulk-beasts don't just spent their days flexin' on instagram, but quite literally moving freakin' mountains by excavating, displacing, and carrying loads of dirt, rocks, and other debris up to 5,000 times their body weight [2].

i know what you're thinkin', "dude, gross. who cares about some six-legged little discustoids? i thought we were talkin' terps, buddy!" well, we are, friend. because ants produce terpenoid-like substances for defense, specifically dendrolasin and iridomyrmecin. but it's not all about rough & tough antics in the ant world. in order to communicate with each other, ants have developed a language based on the secretion (yum) of geraniol and citronellal [1]. nothin' says, "your antennae are the key to my thorax" quite like an exoskeletal spritzing of lemon-scented citronellal.

in the coming weeks our team will be sharing all of the terpenes found in the individual herbs of our curated smokable blends, as well as offering tips for pairing our products with your favorite herb.

rebis blends exists to be sprinkled on whatever you're already smoking, to enhance your smoke sessions through truly synergistic means via the entourage effect by combining complimentary terpene profiles.

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