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is limonene the best terpene?

limonene. sounds like... lemons? you got it, friend. smells like them, too!

hands down the easiest terpene to learn because of this quirky connection. and for good cause: limonene is the second most commonly occurring terpene in nature.

"that's sick! but is it good?"

that depends. would you call lemons, grapefruits, limes, and oranges good? of course! who doesn't love a tart kiss now and then?

limonene is what gives those little lip-puckering, irresistibly tart, jaw-tightening balls of pulp their refreshing citrus-y flavor and aroma. in other words: it's limonene that puts the Sour in that Diesel you love [2].

as we’re here to discuss, limonene is also very abundant in other dried herbs, such as sage, hibiscus, and peppermint. for that oh-so-wonderful feeling of breathing in a fresh summer day, look toward limonene.

aside from it’s clean and invigorating scent, herbs and herbal blends containing this popular terp have been user-reported to naturally decrease levels of stress and anxiety [1]. what's not to love?

Rebis begins and ends with you, and exploring and understanding the benefits of terpenes is the first step toward discovering yourself. looking to treat yourself to something good containing limonene? lavender liftoff and hibiscus sunrise are two blends that may be of help.

stay tuned, friends, and learn more about the wonderful world of terps!



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