About Us

It all started with Lavender.

“I got my MA Medical Marijuana Card in 2015 and immediately invested in my first dry herb vaporizer. After vaping a few of my favorite strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush, I was blown away by the flavors--that I could actually taste the terpenes--and this got me thinking about other plants and herbs. It was really inspiring, like, 'Wait! Can I vaporize lavender and feel calming effects and add new flavors to my sessions?'”

She could and she did.

“I started microdosing at work without even knowing that's what I was doing; filling half the chamber of my Pax vape with dry organic lavender and the rest with cannabis flower. With a clear focus and relaxed mind, I was able to work efficiently and let the creative ideas flow, all while keeping my anxious mind calm.”

If you’re open to exploring the benefits of adding herbs to your cannabis, Rebis Blends was made for you. Yes, you: we see you over there trying to microdose and responsibly manage daily ups and downs. We see you trying to stretch your stash by rolling tiny Js that are more paper than flower. And we definitely see you in the back trying to ease into new strains without having a panic attack from high THC with nothing to balance it.

Here at Rebis Blends, we encourage you to explore how plants influence the way you feel.


usda organic seal of approval in lavender purple   smiley face hand drawn in lavender purple   noissue packaging alliance logo in lavender purple

We start by sourcing raw organic dry herbs from certified organic farms based in the USA.

Next, we get our grind on--literally and figuratively--to ensure an even burn comparable to cannabis. Through trial, error, and a whole lot of love, we have developed a uniform blend of each herb to ensure the best possible smoking and vaping experience, and only once we’ve achieved the ideal consistency do we combine each ingredient using our precise formulas crafted for a great experience no matter which blend you choose. 

Our final step in the production process is to fill each glass vial by hand, cap with a cork stopper, and seal with a tamper evident band.

Limiting Environmental Impacts

Rebis Blends packaging can be reused, and makes a great, discrete container for storing joints or propagating plants from cuttings. We take pride in the fact that each element of our packaging is recyclable, from the glass vial to the shipping mailer.

The UnderRepresented

Showcasing inclusivity, creativity, culture, collaboration, and kindness is a top priority for Rebis.

We're driven by a deep understanding that we must all rise together by practicing inclusivity alongside diversity, bringing the UnderRepresented to the forefront in ways such as commissioning nonbinary photographers, sponsoring events focused on female empowerment, and collaborating with minority-owned businesses.

Representation is everything.

Please reach out if you’re interested in collaborating with us, we’d love to hear from you.

The Team

Rebis Blends is run by a team of three passionate entrepreneurs who believe in the power of plants and people. We are small but mighty, and we’re just getting started.

headshot of alexa noe the ceo of rebis blends llc

Alexa (she/her)

The vision keeper, and our in-house joint-roller. She only eats plants and candy. If you meet her, she’ll probably ask if you have a dog.

Alexa is our CEO and Creative Director.

headshot of vincent le the coo of rebis blends llc

Vincent (he/him)

The king of business development. He’s a proud first generation Vietnamese American and the most polite Bostonian you’ll ever meet, as long as you don’t disrespect the Celtics.

Vin is our COO and Head of Sales.

headshot of justin mantell who is the cfo of rebis blends llc

Justin (he/him)

AKA Sparkleboi--is a spreadsheet junkie who loves playing music and “quitting coffee,” only to pick it back up the next morning.

Justin is our CFO and Head of Production.

Our Mission

Rebis Blends exists to build the foundation for the Rebis brand, to put forth and act on our belief that a successful business is only as strong as the communities it represents, as the stories it is willing to tell, and as the people it seeks to empower and uplift through meaningful and collaborative partnerships.

Our team has big plans for this flagship brand and even bigger plans for the future of Rebis as a whole.

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