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Q & A with The Happy Confection: view the entire interview and Q & A sesh to enjoy more of the following pro-plant content: "I believe in plants; I live a plant-based life. Cannabis is a part of that. It’s a part of what helps me grow everyday. I sometimes experience anxiety and depression and cannabis helps me to sort things out, to see clearly and to rest when needed."

The Happy Confection: "First and foremost, the packaging on this product is sustainable and fun. An oversized glass tube is filled with a blend, in my case, Lavender Liftoff, and sealed with a cork stopper. The fragrance is instant when you pop the top, but in a good way - not a why did I wander into this Bath + Body Works? kind of way."

@dabby_issues showing Rebis Blends with some love via 'gram. "Our girl Kate Phillips put together some self care, spa day science FOR YOU!"

KIND Magazine: Rebis Blends was recently featured in KIND magazine's holiday gift guide. Click here to see the full list of stocking stuffers and must-have items for this holiday season (according to Jen Newton, resident badass): THE KIND MAGAZINE WOMEN & WEED EDITOR PICKS THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR CELEBRATING 4:20 IN DECEMBER