How do I use Rebis Blends?

Looking for ways to enjoy our blends? Here's a quick list of the most popular methods:

Inhalation - smoking or vaping

Whether used solo or paired with your favorite herb, we recommend adding a pinch or two of Rebis Blends to your grinder before use to prepare the herbs for a nice even burn in the following forms:

• rolled using your favorite non-bleached rolling papers

• packed into your favorite lead-free glass bowl

• loaded into your favorite dry herb vaporizer (our personal goto!)

We recommend vaping as it gently unlocks the full flavor profile of all your favorite herbs, giving you a full bodied and savory pull, free of the harsh taste associated with burning from traditional smoking.

Pro tip: try setting your vape to 392° F (200° C) to fully activate all terpenes present.

As a topper in a bowl

We suggest a 2:1 ratio when used to top your other favorite herbs, i.e. 1 part Rebis Blends to 2 parts of herb. Increase to a 1:1 ratio if you're feelin' saucy, giving you what we could consider a full strength compliment to your sesh.

As a flavor refresher

Got one sesh left in your favorite bowl, but not psyched on the burnt herb taste? Simply sprinkle some Rebis Blends on there to freshen up your sesh!

As a tea

Each of our organic herbal smoking blends are perfectly suited for use as a tea. Simply add any of the Rebis Blends you like (or mix & match) to a loose leaf tea strainer and allow for a 4 minute steep.

Are you using Rebis Blends in other unique ways? Let us know!