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  • dried organic herbal smoking blend containing lemon balm, damiana, and skull cap inside a glass vial with cork on a green background
  • dried organic herbal smoking blend containing lemon balm, damiana, and skull cap inside a glass vial with cork on a grey background
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Lemon balm + Damiana + Skullcap

Green Dream

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Take a Refreshing Sleep Journey With Green Dream

A savory and soothing smokable nightcap, with hints of lemon pie.

Pairing the earthiness of damiana, an ancient herb historically used to unlock the potential for lucid dreaming, with the savory and soothing citrus flavor of fresh organic lemon balm, Green Dream is the perfect addition to any relaxing bedtime ritual.

The definition of "full bodied," Green Dream mixes the earthy and spicy characters of skullcap and damiana to deliver an irresistibly savory wallop that finishes on the sweeter side with the lemon balm complement.

Green Dream is all natural and proudly hand blended using 100% certified organic dried herbs.

Certified organic dry herbs - lemon balm, damiana, skullcap

Terpenes present: linalool, humulene, thymol, terpineol

Allergen alert: may contain traces of hibiscus, sage, chamomile, peppermint, and/or lavender.

Green Dream is designed to slow us down and impart mindful relaxation. As part of our typical nightly routine, the combination of damiana, skullcap, and lemon balm serves as a threshold for the end of the day, allowing us to calm frayed nerves and seek a great night sleep.

Whether used solo or paired with, sprinkled on, or rolled with your own legally obtained cannabis, we recommend adding a pinch or two of Green Dream to your grinder before use to prepare the herbs for a pleasant experience in the following forms:

• rolled using your favorite non-bleached rolling papers

• packed into your favorite lead-free glass bowl

• loaded into your favorite dry herb vaporizer (our personal goto!)

Note for use as a topper: we suggest a 1:1 ratio = 1 pinch Green Dream + 1 pinch cannabis giving you a full strength complement to your session.

Pro tip: Try setting your dry herb vape to 392° F (200° C) to fully activate all terpenes present in Green Dream.

Through our own use, we've found that each 0.25 oz vial should account for roughly 25 bowls, or joints, or vape sessions (depending on your method of choice).

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